Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Monday

Oh, what a crappy day we have here today. We have had rain, snow and I think some freezing rain. Yesterday was beautiful and today it's 30 degrees outside. So much for getting the rest of my porch and roof finished up. The shingles are completed but we have some siding to replace and finish work on the porch roof/ceiling. I can not wait to get the outside all cleaned up again.

I have been about today, entering some giveaways. Hopefully I will win something, again. I am still waiting for the arrival of my $50 worth of Energizer batteries, gift basket from Fiber One and my Hip Hop Baby DVD.

I will update you on where I won them all from when after I can restart my laptop because right now I can't open my email because it is telling me "Windows mail cannot be opened because another instance of it is still running on your computer" I feel like yelling, "If it were really running do you think I would try to open it again.!!"


  1. Have you tried unplugging your computer, and taking the battery out for a few minutes and then restarting it, maybe it just needs to reset, or update or whatever..
    Honestly I don't know that I would even take my advice.. Remember my Toshiba still isn't working.. Thank goodness for the Desktop.
    Good Luck, and Loving this Ohio Weather.
    I have the Croup big time.. Sick of being sick at this point.
    Tell everyone Hi, I am going to attempt to sleep, haven't since Thursday night.. Darn cough.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment! I wish the nice weather would get here already and stay too. Soon, soon, soon!!

  3. Don't you just hate the teasing the weather does when we think it will be nice it turns off cold. Thanks for visiting my blog Good Luck in the contest you signed up for


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