Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More HP Issues and Rain

Today has been a dreary day in Ohio! It has rained and rained. The kiddos took a three hour nap, so I laid down and took one with them, not three hours but for about an hour:) And no I did not take a nap without someone else awake, my Hubby and daughter were here and they were awake in the other room, so that's okay.

If you read my post about my HP printer (if not go here to read it) you will realize that I am not liking it very well. I gave everyone here instructions that if after all that and it didn't work they were to just unhook it, take it outside and run over it with their car. Well, guess what happened when I tried to use it yesterday?? You guessed it, it DID NOT work and, excuse my language but I was PISSED OFF. I just couldn't bring myself to just run over it with the Trailblazer because I can't stand it when something gets the best of me. Soooooooo, I did some research and found out that my CA Security Suite from Roadrunner is so tight that it will not allow it through my firewall. If I turn my firewall off it will work just fine. Well what good is having a firewall if you have to disable it. If it's not one thing it's another, so I will make a phone call to Time Warner tonight to try to fix it, so it will allow it through. Please Lord, let me talk to a real English speaking person and not a foreigner. I absolutely hate taking to someone that I can not understand.

Well I am off to order some pizza from Rolling Dough for supper. And, then I have to figure out what I am going to use for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.

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  1. Tossed two printers in the garbage earlier this month. One was barely a year old. I'm soooooo sick of dealing with crappy printer issues. Would you believe we just purchased a HP- hope we don't run into the same problems you've had.

    And congrats on your many, many prizes!! Glad you are down to only one prize not received. I'm tiring of tracking down prizes, too. Guess I'm the type to put something in the mail to someone the day after they win. Evidently not everyone operates this promptly!


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