Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & HP is not my friend...

Oh, let me tell you all how my Easter started....
It started at 11:00pm Saturday night when I decided that I would try to get my printer that I just had HP replace because I said it was not working right. Even though they kept telling me it was fine, it was just the way I had it hooked up. I hooked it up just like the book told me. Did you all know that wireless printers are not very compatible with wireless routers unless it goes through your wireless router. I thought the whole purpose of getting a "WIRELESS" printer was so that I could print from anywhere in the house. Well come to find out if you have both a wireless router and wireless printer you should always run you printer through your router so that your router doesn't keep changing the IP address of your printer.

Anyway I started this process at 11:00pm, why I am not sure other than I was home alone and I guess bored and wanted to put myself though hours of talking with foreigners, who I can not understand, and missing my sleep time. But anyway like a fool I decided what the heck, it has to be done sometime and nobody else in this house will put up with the foreign language for more than 10 minutes so, no better time than the present. Well FIVE hours, lets count them...ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR...FIVE...that's right FIVE hours later I had the desktop and my laptop compatible with the printer and printing!! This makes it 4:00 in the morning, and I am getting my second wind. So I figure what the heck, I might as well do the other two laptops. So while I am doing the uninstall and reinstall of everything I am running around picking up dog toys and straightening pillows on the couch and folding laundry. That's right between 4:00am and 5:30am I am fixing two laptops and cleaning house. And praying that it will all work right. And....thank goodness it did. So at 5:30 this morning, six and a half hours later, I crawl into bed and boy did it ever feel good.

At this point I was so tired I was silly. I knew it would be time for my Aunt J to be getting close to work so I almost texted her this:

"Good morning to you!"
My house is a zoo.
For me it's good night
but now my computer prints right.
I talked to HP so long,
my phone battery is gone.

That when I realized how silly and tired I erased the text and went to bed.

I did hit the SITS roll call in the top five during all that mess.


  1. As long as you made the top 5 with SITS roll call, that's all that matters :-) Don't think I've ever been in the top 20!
    Thanks for the Easter greetings!

  2. I would of emailed you but I forgot to ask if you have your email problem fixed yet.
    I found a great site for giveaways.. Top notch, lots of goodies by categories, toys, food, kids clothes, housewares. etc.. you have to check it out. I have been there 2 hours and not even hit a fourth of the giveaways.
    Have fun. Talk to you later.... I have a tummy ache, I think it was from the macaroni salad.. hehehehehe couldnt' resist. Auntie and I walked a mile after you guys left.. it felt good to be out in the 63 degree weather Beautiful. Later.

  3. you have won on my blog


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