Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is a fantastic Friday....except for the cool weather and the rain. I only have three kiddos today but it is still an 18 hour day but that is okay, no kiddos under 4 YEAH!!!! We have been busy, we made three batches of No Bake Cookies for our Relay 4 Life bake sale tomorrow. Unfortunately I am only sending two batches....kinda over boiled the last batch and they are kinda dry. Hubby will be happy because they are his favorite cookies.

The girls and I are skipping the Friday night card game tonight, Aunt J has to be a work very very early tomorrow. She went and had her breast MRI today and has to wait until the 28th for the results because her Dr is on vacation. Not a good time for a vacation if you ask me. We are being very positive and praying for the best outcome, but I think she is probably really stressed out about it, I know I would be. They had to give her a Valium this morning for her to get that MRI, she doesn't like to have anything around her face and does not like small spaces or being strapped down, all of which was going to happen today. She was freaking out about it and of course we were having big fun with that:) We are a little mean sometimes.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!!


  1. ok ok how did you get my life?

    i so miss my childcare business it just went belly up last fall

    and cards are every fri nite

    prayers abound

  2. You don't want to know what I am thinking, Tired, Raining, Darn Cough, Sick of the cold. We just had Piratesville for dinner, so that makes up for part of the day. Plus I made it home safely with the Auntie. Life is good, Prayers for Aunt J.


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