Sunday, August 2, 2009

I went to see Lexi

I went down to see Lexi today at Children's Hospital. She seems to be doing pretty good. Her stomach is feeling better but she said it still hurts from the biopsy and the central port line they put in on Wednesday. Her spirits are really wonderful. We went down to one of the kids rooms and she did some crafts and she made a friendship bracelet for my niece that went with me. I used to babysit my niece so her and Lexi are good friends. She is definitely not in the mood to eat. I had to pay her $5 to eat half of her bologna sandwich. Man she was driving a hard bargain. I told her that if she didn't finish the half then she had to give the $5 to her little brother. They are having a hard time getting her to eat but she is not a big eater to start with.

I talked a little with her dad and he said that her red blood cell count is low (anemic) and they don't want it to get too low or they will have to give her a blood transfusion. They want her number up to 12 but her's is only at 9.5. I think he said if it gets down to 8 that's when they will do a transfusion.

I think her parents are both exhausted. This has been a lot to digest in 5 days. He said that the two of them haven't even had the time to sit down together alone and discuss any of this. I feel so bad for them, having to deal with all this.

There is going to be some local fundraisers for her family coming up. I do know that the Wal-Mart in Ontario, Ohio is going to be having a bake sale in the next couple weeks and Wal-Mart is donating $250 to them and the local swimming pool is going to be having a day just for her and then a spaghetti supper to help raise money.

I will keep everyone posted and keep praying for her.
Thanks to all of you out there who are sending prayers her way.

**Edit** I just talked to Lexi's mom and she didn't eat her half a sandwich but she won't let them throw it away either because she says she will eat it. They gave it to her 4 hours ago. lol She really wants that $5.


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