Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday CRAZY Questions: Private Parts?

Aliens and private parts

Welcome to the August 3rd version of MCQ (Monday Crazy Questions)

Every Monday questions are posted that I hope are a little thought provoking!
This is just a short meme meant to have some quick fun and not get too tedious! Copy and paste the questions onto your blog, answer the questions and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN IN MR LINKY here to let everyone know where your answers are.
Post pictures in your answers to the meme if you want to! Some questions may be rated a little PG or R
Have fun!

1.The aliens have landed...they have invited you in for dinner....what do you think they are up to? They are either going to eat me or "take me to their planet"

2. Remember that 20 dollar bill you found on the ground a few memes ago?? Ok you picked it up and someone comes to and says..hey that's mine...what do you say? Here is where the kid in me kicks in: "Finders Keepers!!"

3. you got offered a part in a movie... they will pay an enormous amount of money....but you have to play the town she slut/he slut.. do you play the part or do you refuse to compromise your values? Sorry but I would have to compromise because I am not playing that part.

4. Do you have a name for your private parts? Doesn't everyone - Thang

5. You are driving north on Hell avenue and can only turn west on to hell Terrace. There is a car coming toward you on Hell avenue also, which also can only turn west onto Hell terrace. what does this prove?? It proves that we are all going to hell and I'm not liking that town.

6. Where is the strangest place you ever did the deed? Strange, ok so on the Trampoline, shh, don't tell anyone. And it was in the middle of the night so NO kids were around.

7. Have you ever been caught doing the nasty...who caught you and where were you? Oh yea, my Hubby's sister, when we were in high school at his house.

8. What can put you in the rottenest mood ever? Not what, but who: My mother.

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  1. I swear I posted a comment but don't see it...LOL

  2. Ok so I am going to try it again!
    LOL LOved your answers! #5 was too funny..and too true :-)
    On the trampoline???LOL now really that sounds fun!
    Sorry you mom outs you in a rotten mood.. I guess most people that way...:-(
    Thanks for playin!


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