Monday, August 3, 2009

Lexi started Chemo today.

I just got off the phone with Lexi's mom and she informed me that Lexi started her first round of Chemo today. It was a day or two earlier than they thought but all of her tests came back okay so she was good to go ahead and start. She said that they had went ahead and gave her something for nausea before starting just in case it made her sick but so far she is doing good. Getting spoiled but doing good.

In also talking with her mom, she informed me that it would not be good for Lexi to return to my daycare because of all the other kiddos that would be here and it would be too many germs for her to handle. I am deeply saddened by that but at the same time I understand completely. Lucky for them one set of Lexi's grandparents are retired and live close by so they are going to be watching Lexi and her little brother until Lexi has completed all her Chemo and has bounced back to health. I have been keeping her for over 5 years and she is such a joy to have, I am going to really miss her smile and her little brother brings so much energy and smiles to my house and he will be missed also.

This all just depresses me so. People don't realize that when you take care of children for that long they become a part of your family and you feel that they are being ripped away from you and it rips your heart out. I will definitely keep in close contact with them and will visit regularly. They only live a little over a mile from me so it's just a hop around the corner. This is all too much for me to handle and I just can not imagine what her true family is going through.

Keep praying for her!!
Thanks to everyone sending those prayers her way.


  1. Praying for Miss L... Glad she was able to get started on her Chemo.. Sorry that she has to take it at all.. but if this is going to help glad it was started.
    Take Care,
    Talk to you soon

  2. (((HUGS)) and prayers for Lexi.
    So nice to hear from you too! I was thrilled when I saw your comment on my blog. I promise to do better about keeping in touch.
    p.s we are close to our daycare lady too. we call her "Gramma Joy" even tho she't not related.
    she's had our kids their whole lives. she is all they know.

  3. ill keep her in my prayers as well.


  4. Omy gosh I'm sure the family know that you are close to their dd I bet she misses you too. It will do her good if you stop by for a hello I'm sure. Prayers that she kicks cancers ass I actually read that there is a jalenpeno butter spread that reduces cancer cells I think I posted about it back in January I'll have to go see if Ican find the link
    Thanks for blogging about my giveaway YOU ROCK AS USUAL!

  5. Oh, my. What a sad situation. I am so sorry to hear about this little girl. It's obvious how much you care about your daycare kiddos...I am sure it is so hard for you to hear about L's diagnosis. Good luck! I will be thinking about you and her family.


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