Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little "L" update

I am going down and visiting Lexi within the next few days, hopefully tomorrow. I talked with her mom this morning and she was drinking her contrast Kool-Aid so that she could have a ct scan with contast. She was not happy about it but was slowly getting it down. I haven't talked with her mom tonight to find out results from that but I do know that they are going to start her first session of Chemo next week. And when school starts she will have to be home schooled. Children's Hospital is also supposed to send someone to the school to talk to the kids, which I thought is nice. Her mom and dad said that she really doesn't want to talk much. I betting that she is pretty mad at the world right now.

One of my other daycare kiddos, "A" that moved to Columbus went and visited Lexi yesterday and I hoped it cheered her up. "A"'s mom said that Lexi looked good and was surprised to see "A" and had a great big smile when she woke up and saw her.

Let's all keep praying for her.
Thanks to all of you who are sending prayers her way.


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