Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Sister's Secret:: My Review

I just finished listening to the Audio book called "A Sister's Secret" by Wanda Brunstetter and boy was it a great book. It is the first book in the series, Sisters of Holmes County. I cannot wait until I get my hands of the second book in the series called "A Sister's Test" which hopefully I get today.


Putting her rumschpringe days behind her, Grace Hostettler returns to her Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio, and becomes engaged to upright Cleon Schrock. But then she runs into Gary Walker, an English man who knows enough about her former life to destroy her future. Can God bring anything good out of a shameful past

This paperback book can be purchased at for $4.99 or you can purchase the CD for $7.99. Or you can buy the complete series of paperbacks for $14.99.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. I have never read a christian book before but let me tell you, I would have never considered it just that. If you can get your hands on this book, do read it, you will love it.


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  1. Audio book hmmmm winder if Id have time to listen thanks 4 the review


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