Monday, September 28, 2009

Help, I need a do-over!

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The kiddos are napping, which is a good thing because I need a few minutes to blow off some steam. My three daycare kiddos that I started about 6 weeks ago are getting the best of me and some of my other kiddos. If you are sure what I am talking about you can read all about it here.

Anyway, I get a phone call this morning from one of my sweetest kiddos parent saying that she will not be here today and may not be back. Now this totally floored me. I have had her since she was 3 months old and she will be turning 5 in a couple weeks. She said that little "S" does not want to come anymore because of the three new kiddos, and she feels bad making her come. I can completely understand where she is coming from. I would not want to keep sending my child somewhere that they were miserable. When I got off the phone with her I just sat down and cried my eyes out. This little girl just makes everybody's day. We joke at our house that she is "our" daughter. I do NOT want to lose her because of some other kids, who I am losing my mind over.

What is a person to do, Hubby is not working right now and if I give up these three kiddos I lose a bunch of money each month because they are here full time. I really do need the money to keep the bills paid. But, on the other hand I definitely do NOT want to lose my little "S", that would break my heart (and Hubby's too). And, these three kiddos are making parts of my days miserable also.

I have been doing daycare since 1992 and I don't remember having kids that I could not break. I have been trying with these three for about 6 weeks. I have made some progress but not enough. They really are sweet and loving children. I do care for them a lot and there are times through out the day that I think, Wow, they are really starting to get it. But, then it all breaks loose again. They hit, kick, scream and take things from other kids. I have tried to break them of that, but it doesn't seem to be working. There is not a day that goes buy that they don't fight with each other over some toy about 20 times per day. And I know for a fact that they must sit in at least 5 time-outs each per day. I have even tried bribing them with candy. It works for a while then they give up on that. What is a woman to do?

I feel like I am going crazy here. I would just like to go back to bed and wake up in August again so that I could do a few things different. This is making me crazy. It makes me feel like a failure to little "S" and a failure in my business. And, I hate that! I feel that I should be able to handle what is brought to me. Where am I going wrong? What do I need to change? Do I drop the three new kids? What if I do and it's too late for "S" and they take her somewhere else? If I drop the three new kids, what do I do for money? My head is hurting from all this thinking and my heart is aching for "S" because she is hurting and upset.

Maybe I should have taken my Doctor up on the medication for being over stressed. And she says I should get rid of some of the stress in my life before I make myself sick. I think maybe I am there!


I talked with the mommy of the three kids and found out a few things I never knew. For one, both boys have each previously been kicked out of daycare. And that their older brothers act like that also. And, they behave and listen to their dad but not their mom. I saw that today they listen to her as well as they listen to me, which is not good at all. She completely understands if I have to quit watching them and she isn't quite sure what to do because they are a handful for her also. I didn't give her a two week notice just yet but told her that I just may have to quit watching them. And she said that she completely understands. Now, lets just hope dad feels the same way.



  1. I wish I had the answers for you with those kiddos.. I am so lucky that all of my kids have been here forever and they know the rules even better than I do.
    Maybe you will have to have a PowWow with the parents of the new kids and they will have to give a hand with making sure that their kids know the rules at your house.. I don't know.. I can't imagine dealing with that every single day.
    I hope that it works out with Miss S.. she is too sweet..
    I know she would miss you guys a lot.
    Let me know if I can help out at all.

  2. CHeck with Miss S. Mom to see if she's already found an alternative sitter or if there is a chance of possibly adjusting the circumstances if you can perhaps have another chance (another week or so) if you can make sure the other 3 behave better. Maybe if miss s can have a better day at your house she'll continue to come.
    I'd definately have a talk with the mom of the 3 children. Explaining what you can not tolerate and what will have to change if SHE can not adjust their behavior. YOu shouldn't have to go on medication because someone else's children do not know how to act. Seperate the children. When someone doesn't behave remove them. Be Firm. They have been walking on you now for 6 months so you need to show them if they can't behave they won't be back.
    There must be other parents out there looking for care for their children if those 3 go you can bring in others. HUGS hope that you can figure it out.

  3. Have you talked to the parents of the three amigos? I would first ask the darling little girls parents if she is willing to try for one more week, then I would talk to the parents of the new kids and explain to them what is going on, and be honest. I had my kids in day care for years when they were young, so I know it can be very stressful. I hope it works out and do what is right for you and your family.. This is a business and sometimes you have to let the stress go..It sounds like they may need a more structured facility to keep them sooo busy they don't have time to get in any trouble. I have let customers leave, even when I needed the money because it is not worth the heartache, but this is only my opinion. Good Luck, I hope you let us know how it all works out.


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