Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kiddie conversations

Today has been one of those crazy days in the house of Crazyland. It all started with me not setting my alarm for the correct time of 5:00am instead of 6:15am, duh. Yep, I overslept! Yep my 2 kiddos showed up at 5:30am and I was sleeping. Sleeping right through them knocking on the door and calling both phones. You see, my daycare room is at the opposite end of the house from our bedrooms and you can't hear someone knocking on that door. My cell was turned down and the cordless phone was, well in the daycare room. Needless to say I had a lot of butt kissing to do at 6:15 when I got up and made that dreaded phone call to say "I'm so sorry!" Lucky for me and the daycare parent they only live 2 minutes from my house and the kiddos have an older brother who is 16, who watched them till I could go get them later. What a dork I am.

OK, to the crazy conversations we had today, they go like this:

Me: Let's get ready to go outside for a bit and play, okay?

10yr old boy: We can't go outside, the grass is still wet.

Me: That's okay, your shoes will dry or you can go without shoes.

3yr old boy: My Dad will be mad if my shoes get wet!

Me: It's okay honest, your parents will not get mad, trust me.

3yr old boy: (crying) My Dad too will be mad at me!!!

Needless to say I stayed inside with the younger kiddos while the big ones who were not afraid of their feet getting wet went out to play. Here is another one:

Me: We are not supposed to hit, that is not a nice. You need to tell "H" you are sorry for hitting her.

2 1/2yr old boy: My dad tell me that!

"S" you need to tell "H" that you are sorry for hitting her. We do not hit each other.

2 1/2yr old boy: My dad tell me that!!

Me: "S" do you want to take a time out?

2 1/2yr old boy: (screaming at the top of his lungs) My dad tell me that!!!!!!

This is where I felt like saying "Well if your dad tell you that, then tell the poor girl you are sorry before I lose my mind!!" But, I stepped back and gave him one more chance then off to timeout we went. Kicking and screaming of course.

Another brilliant conversation..

3yr old boy: I'm at your house, Tammy.

Me: Yes, I know you are at my house.

3yr old boy: I love you, Tammy.

Me: I love you, too "B".

3yr old boy: You at your house?

Me: Yes, I am at my house and so are you.

3yr old boy: Will you come to my house?

Me: I can't, I have to stay here and watch these kids.

3yr old boy: (crying) You don't love me, you won't come to my house!!

Me: Yes, I do love you but I have to stay here. If I leave who will watch the other kids?

3yr old boy: Sophie can.

Sophie is my cocker spaniel. lol


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  1. That last conversation was so sweet. He sure loves his Tammy. :-)


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