Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I need some answers, please?

I have not been getting comments on my blog so I thought I would ask you all a few questions to see what I am doing wrong, need to fix, add, change or stop doing.

1. What would you see more of on my blog? (Reviews, stories about kiddos, pictures, etc)

2. What type of articles make you want to leave comments? (Funny, sad, heartfelt, etc)

3. Any suggestions you have to make my blog better??

I am not a top notch blogger like some of you out there, but I would love to build my blog up a bit more. I love getting comments, it lets me know that there is someone out there reading my posts. I try to reply to all my comments but sometimes time does not always allow for that. Please let me know what you would like to see more of on my blog, besides giveaways. I would love to do more giveaways for you all but I think I need to build my blog up some more first. So, let me know....



  1. I think your blog looks Great Tammy!
    You have a Nice variety of topics. Myself, I wouldn't want a lot of sad posts..

    Recently, on our blog, we held a comment contest to get our readers talking :) That might be something to keep in mind for the future.

    I can only speak for myself, but with me it's time constraints. Between 3 kiddo's and a blog of my own, it really is hard to make the "morning rounds" and leave comments everywhere I want to.

    Please leave me a Twitter reminder if I'm not over here at least twice a week - to get my bootie over here and leave some well-deserved comments!

  2. You know, I am having the same problem... I think it's the season and fluctuation of bloggers.... I personally like to look at pictures and am not so much interested in reviews... but that's me! I think you have a good variety of topics too!

    One thing I would change is maybe declutter the blog a little? It's very cute, but it takes a while to load and that can be a deterrent for some people.

    I will be checking back, I have the same questions and I am interested in what people have to say!


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