Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Fabulous Giveaways going on NOW!!

Tricia the Night Owl Mama is having two great giveaways right now.

The first one is for a wonderful PUR Flavor Options Pitcher.

Click here to enter to win the PUR Flavors Options Pitcher.

The other giveaway Night Owl Mama is having right now is for Zhu Zhu Pets. What kiddo would not want one of these. I came name 15 kiddos that come to my house that would love to play with it (and I could probably name one or two who would have fun trying to take it apart).

Click here to enter to win the Zhu Zhu Pets.



  1. thank you for your kind words, I hope to have better news to post soon.

  2. So u think my giveaways are awesome? Thank u they R aren't they! Good luck to u my friend I can't wait to see who wins don't forget to return daily for more entries :)

    I have comments in moderation for the Heart in the home post so they do look like too many when ohers come to post LOl trying my best but hope its enough. Fingers and toes crossed on this one! Thanks for commenting HUGS


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