Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peace & Quiet and a headache :(

Not very often anymore do I get "Peace & Quiet" with all the daycare kiddos asleep at the same time. But it is happening as I type. All 5 of them are asleep and I can't even enjoy it. I have a pounding headache. My darn allergies are kicking my butt. Is there a place on earth you can move to where there is nothing to aggravate my head? I am thinking the North Pole and just what fun would that be to live there? I guessing I should just stay where I am at stop the whining and take my Allegra, Flonase and more than my fair share of Sudafed and Tylenol.

The kiddos were a bit tired and grumpy today, so I fixed an early lunch and put them all down for a lovely nap. Waalaa, they all went right to sleep. No crying, no rolling all over the room, they were out like a light. They didn't even care what movie was picked out for them to watch. I thought I would work on starting to make some salsa at nap time but, obviously my head is thinking differently. My head is thinking more like some quiet time with total darkness. Well on that thought I am off for some Tylenol and some quiet time in my recliner with the kiddos.


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  1. I must have caught your headache today! Here in CA it's a mixture of allergies and all the smokey air!


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