Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the Hell has begun!

This is just another day in my screwed up life......

  • We ran out of propane, which SHOULD have been delivered on December 28th ans d was NOT!! It's 12 degrees outside! I ordered it on Dec. 24th and they said they would be here on Monday, in my calendar that is the 28th. But I guess on their calendar it's January 4th. I called them, they (*sswh*les) want $275 emergency delivery fee + $75 for a sniff test! What?? Are you serious?? Emergency? They are a week late with the delivery, do this mean I get $275 worth of free propane because I am sitting here freezing my butt off? I surely doubt that will happen.
  • My family of 3, that I have so many problems with let me know at 8:00pm tonight that they will no longer be coming to my house. I understand their reasoning and I do not blame them, but crap, they could have give me a little notice to replace them. See, they live 15 to 20 minutes from my house, it the opposite direction than they work, which is 50 minutes from my house.. The kids mama lives 30 minutes from my house and 20 minutes from her college. They do a LOT of driving. I really don't blame them but wow, what an income lose. So it goes kinda like this.
Me.............Dad's...............Mom's........Mom's college.............................Dad's work

  • So much for my day of relaxation. I did get up and go to breakfast with my dear Hubby. Then back home for a few, then off for a 20 minute drive to WalMart for my dog's Insulin and Lowes to get heat tape for my grandparents pump house. No time for relaxation, for me.



  1. Oh wow-I hope you get heat soon!

  2. Beans and Matches...nuff said
    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Sending many good luck Honks from Times Square !!

  3. I hope you get your propane ASAP!


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