Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lexi Update: Keep the prayers going!

Okay, here is another update from Lexi's mom. I think that things are about to get really tough for them so if you can please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I get this information from Lexi's Caring Bridge website. You can follow along there also. You can also leave messages for Lexi and her family on this site. It does require that you sign up for the site, which is free and you don't get spam mail. You can also send her an e-card via Nationwide Children's Hospital e-card program, which is really awesome because the hospital prints these cards each morning and takes them to her room. You will need her room number, which you will find in the post from her mother below.

Now, from Jen:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:21 PM, EST

Hi Everyone! Today we entered Alexis's isolation room for the next month! We took our time before entering the room. We procrastinated by going to the giftshop for Alexis to buy something and to check out the Blue Jackets Room (a family resource room). Alexis was a hoot all day because she was sedated in the morning to have her Pic line put in. In the giftshop she was went right up to some ladies that were playing with some mood necklaces. I think they got a kick out of her, because she was ooing and aughing over there colors and the different shapes. Alexis thought they were cool so I bought her a dolphin mood necklace. Her mood showed she was very happy. She also insisted on buying daddy an early Valentines gift (an OSU freezer mug)! After we spent almost 2 hours downstairs we figured we better start this long process!!

So far it has not been too bad. But I have caught myself and Alexis making many mistakes, according to our 3 page list of rules. If anything touches the floor, it has to be kicked out of the room with your feet and wiped down or washed. Anyone that enters Alexis's room must wear gloves. Right now my hands are starting to sweat as I try to type with my gloves on! It has been very hard for Alexis to remember not to put her feet on her bed or couch if her socks have touched the floor! I went out and bought her a pair of lined crocs before Scot left so hopefully that will help! If you know Alexis well, you know that girl is extremely independent and likes to just do it instead of checking like she should! Earlier I stepped out into the Anteroom to clean something. Here she comes to the door with her mask and gown on that she found in the nurses cabinet on her own. When I asked what she was doing she pointed to the hallway and said she was going out. I said no, you are not aloud remember! I told her we were going to be in trouble is she is trying to escape after the first day!

Tommorrow Alexis will start her chemo at 10 am. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and wish that Alexis can tolerate her side effects and stay out of PICU. Many children having tranplants end up staying in Picu to recover from effects of chemo.

Right now Alexis's enclosed bulletin board is bare! We need to fill it up with cards and pictures to decorate it. If you have a picture of Alexis with yourself or someone else or would like to send a card please feel free to do so. The address to the hospital is to the right of this journal. Her room number is 5324. You may also send a card using Nationwide Children's ecard program. Just go to children's website and click send an ecard.

Alexis misses all of her friends greatly! She has enjoyed getting messages from them and their families on this site. Maddy G. Alexis says hi! I would love for Alexis to continue hearing from her friends during this tough month ahead. I will be sure to read her any messages on this site, or read her cards or ecards. If any of her friends want to draw her pictures in a card, I am sure she would love that as well.

Tomorrow we are going to set Alexis a schedule to follow each day. BMT is much more structured than regular chemo, so we will see how that goes!

Take Care and thank you for your continued prayers and support!

If you would like to read more about Lexi from my posts, click here or on the "L" below and it will take you to all my posts about her.


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