Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bloggography Challenge: Winter Theme

Well, what's one more meme for me to do? With this meme, I just may learn something. My Hubby got me a Nikon CoolPix for Christmas so that I have a digital camera that will fit into my purse, so that I always have a camera with me. So, with that, I decided to take part in the Bloggography Challenges, over at Manic Mother.

Manic Mother

This weeks theme is Winter-themed, which means you need to take a picture in any mode besides full auto. I am not sure it I am doing this correctly, I did not use the auto mode. I did, however use the:
  • Beach/Snow mode: Captures the brightness of such subjects snowfields, beaches, or sunlit expanses of water. The camera focuses on subject in center of the frame.
Like I said, I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I will find out shortly I am sure. I can't decide if the Beach/Snow scene is considered a full auto mode, or if she wants us to use different program modes. If she wants us to use the program modes, then I will have to use my other digital camera.

Anyway, this picture that I took is from last week when we were getting a good snowfall and I decided that I needed to go to an Amish Bent & Dent grocery store for some goodies.



  1. Thanks for sharing - I think I need to get in on a challenge like this, I have no clue how to use any setting on my camera except the auto mode!

    Everything looks so clean with the fresh fallen snow!

  2. Very beautiful! I'm glad it's there and not here ... LOL :)


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