Monday, January 4, 2010

What's That? You're Sorry?

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By skidmark22

Did I hear an "I'm Sorry." or a "We apologize." from our propane provider? NOPE, NADA! I called them this morning, still p*ssed off about running out of propane in 12 degree weather and getting very little sleep because I was afraid the electric heaters would catch fire. I did indeed call to order more propane on Dec. 22nd, therefore they were in fact supposed to be here on the following Monday, Dec. 28th. They don't have any excuses for not bringing it nor do they have an apology for me. The delivery man said that the MAN who was supposed to print the ticket did not print it. DUH, they left it to a MAN!!

Did I have to pay the $75 sniff test charge for running out? NOPE!! Did they even try to charge me? NOPE!! Oh, and did I tell you that they apologized? NOPE, because they didn't! Did I name drop the company who has now let me run out 3 times (the first two times I was on auto-fill)? NOPE, but I will! It's Mt. Vernon Bottled Gas. They know they were wrong. They know in all rights they should have brought me propane yesterday and not charged me any emergency delivery charge.

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I have one more call to make to them today, and it is going to consist of me demanding a discount on the propane that they delivered.....late......again!

On a better note! Listen to that? Can you hear it? Of course you can't, because I can't hear it either. I can't hear the screaming, yelling and fighting from my family of 3 kids that were always causing me problems. They are history, but a notice would have been fabulous. I am NOT happy about the loss of income but wow, my stress level is back to normal. Now, lets just hope it stays there. All the other kids that I have are really good kids, so things should only get better for me. I just need to find replacement kids, which hopefully will not be hard to do.
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By dutchdragon1958


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