Friday, March 19, 2010

B*tch and Moan

Fairy Blog Mother

Okay, so I have decided to once again do my b*tching and Moaning. I will have to be the first to admit that I am definitely a b*tcher and a moaner. If you don't believe me, then you haven't been following me very long. I would have to say that, that is one of my downfalls. If I have something on my mind, it usually just comes right on out and sometimes it gets me into trouble but for the most part, I am just blowing off steam.

First off, in case you missed this post the other day, here it is:

This is the result of your day, when you check your bank account and someone cleaned it out using your debit card ILLEGALLY! Yep I said it, it's ILLEGAL to steal someone's card number and use it. I would so love to find the person, line them up and shoot rubber pellets at them! Thank you PayPal and Chase for backing me up and getting my money back.........eventually!

I have to say that I did get my money back into my account this afternoon. All this crap is making me second think using my debit card anywhere.

Second off, I have come to the conclusion that one of my daycare parents' place of employment must be trying to get them to quit their job because every week there is a schedule change of some sort. I like to run on a schedule of sorts. Because I have so many kiddos and work so many hours, I need a schedule of some sort. I need to know who is coming and who is going and on what days. Well, at least I try to know who is coming and who is going and when. It has changed from working 24 hours 3 days per week to working everyday and not knowing what time they work the next day until about 6pm the night before. Then it has changed to 16 hours days 3 days per week now it's 14 hour days 2 days and an 8 hour day the third day. Now guess what, times are changing for the 8 hour day, which happens to be Saturday. Don't mess with my Saturdays!

Third off...well, I guess I just can't find anything else to b*tch about that the whole (plus family) world needs to know about. Speaking about family....oh, never mind!

IF you have something that you need to b*tch and moan about, visit Annette over at Fairy Blog Mother and add your B*tch and Moans to the rest of them. My theory everyone has a right to B*tch and Moan.



  1. Uggghh I feel for ya! i would definitely bitch about that too. Schedule, schedule, schedule people! We all like to live by one! I hope something works out for you and things can go back to normal.

  2. same thing happend to my husband with his debit last month! Copied it and with two transaction in walmart in las vegas wiped his account of almost 4000. I feel for ya

  3. Oh you poor thing! I'm glad you got your money back! That is just horrible.
    I can't believe that these people are screwing up your schedule like that, I know it's because of their employer, but come on... I would have put my foot down by now, you have way mor patience than me!
    God bless you!
    And don't get ME started on family!! Sheesh!

  4. Oh my...I'd be going bat shit crazy if someone stole my money like that. I deal with fraud and stuff like that every day at my job and it sickens me to see how often it happens. I'm glad your bank and PayPal are backing you up.
    Hopefully this week will be a better week for you!

    Oh...and come visit me!

    Come visit me!


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