Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Mayhem: Something, something!

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Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
You know the schpiel...

Simply answer the prompts as you feel best. Don't forget to be cute and or sassy and of course, comment your friends.

The Something Meme

Name something you do every day
  • Brush my teeth

Name something someone else calls you
  • Tammy

Name something that irritates the heck out of you online.
  • Music on blogs

Name something that bugs the stuff out of you at a restaurant.
  • Loud people on cell phones

Name something you cannot tolerate at a store.
  • People who park their cart in the middle of the isle, look up and see you and proceed to leave their cart there in the way of everyone else. They don't like it very well if you grab it and push it on down the isle out of the way, lol.

Name something you'd like to call your co-worker.

Name something that you hate about someone close to you.
  • They won't let you get a word in, even after they ask you a question.

Name something you don't like about your sibling.
  • Hmm....likes to be perfect.

Name something you like about yourself.
  • Uh, good question.

Name something you would rather be doing right now.
  • Camping!!

Name something that you'll be doing next week at this time.
  • FarmVille, Country Life or skimming through blogs I follow and watching daycare kiddos.

If you would like, you can play along this week over at Monday Mayhem.


  1. I had to step away from Farmville:)
    Funny, a friend and I were just discussing those aisle people the other day.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. I do not have music on my blog anymore.
    Will you visit me?

    Sorry I am late this week,
    Been really busy shopping for colleges
    With my daughter! Lol

    Happy MM!

    Have you a WONDROUS WEEK!


    If you would like to visit me, Memories,After School and The Something Meme

  3. I dislike loud talkers on cell phones too. It makes me want to use duct tape on them.


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