Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Egg-er Returns!

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If you need to catch up on the story about the teenage egg-er, you can do it here.

Well, on Saturday Mr. Egg-erman came to my house to apologize for being the idiot that he was last weekend. First off I had to say that he was right on time. Second an older gentleman came with him, but stayed in the car, which I am guessing was his father. So, here is how it all went down:

We met him at the door and went out on the front porch to talk to him. I am not much about having strangers in my house, you just never know. I have to admit, he came right up to my husband put out his hand and introduced himself. He was very upfront in apologizing about what he did. He admitted that he was not the only one in the car and that he definitely made a bad decision and was sorry.
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Of course my Hubby and I didn't let him get away that easy. Hubby went through the whole car chase with him and what could have happened to him if Hubby would have wanted to put him in the ditch and knock the snot out of him. I am sure that he and the occupants in his car probably peed their pants when Hubby was chasing them. He kept saying that they were yelling at him to "GO! GO!" I have never been chased by someone after I egged their house (I have never egged anything nor been chased) but I'm pretty sure that I would have peed my pants. lol

I also explained to him that I told the Sheriff that I did not want him coming down on Sunday to apologize because I was that pissed and would probably beat the snot out of him. We also went through the whole thing about you know, if you would have broken that big ole picture window regardless what the Sheriff did, we would have pressed charges.

We explained to him that it was not all that long ago that we were teenagers and we ALL have done some stupid things in our lives but egging someones house is a little extreme. Toilet paper is one thing but eggs are another.

We also explained to him that we live in a rural county and we are in an area where we are getting people moving up from Columbus and the crime in our county is going up because of this. We are from a farming community and he could very easily been shot at by someone. I could name 4-5 people on our street alone that more than likely would have shot at him. (I hate the big cities moving in on our community. It used to take an hour to get to "Columbus" now we can be there in 30 minutes)

I personally think he realizes what kind of trouble he could have gotten into because he is 19. He wants to go to college and do some sort of work with kids when he finishes and it would be bad if something like this were to go on his record....permanently.

There is one thing I have to say, he is covering for someone. You see, he was the driver and one of the passengers is the one who did it. We have our sneaking suspicions on who it was but he is being a true friend and taking the rap. I certainly hope his friend appreciates it.

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Well it's over and done with, thank goodness!



  1. OK, I just read both posts. Isn't 19 years old too old to do this? I would be so P___ed! If my son did this he would have to wash all your windows, inside and out, then apologize!
    Well, no one got hurt and altleast he got caught and apologized. I guess that is what counts!

  2. I would have been furious! I too am glad that no one was hurt and the young man apologized. Hopefully he has learned his lesson! I wish a week filled with peace & light!

  3. CAME BACK?! You've got to be kidding me. LOL hubby chasing them that is too funny

    SHeriff should let you line up those boys so you and hubby can get in a bit of target practice don't ya think


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