Thursday, March 11, 2010

He Did What On The Bus?

One of my 12 year old boys, whom I do daycare for:

  • Bit an 11 year old girl on the bus (supposedly she hit him 5 times, but he never told the bus driver).
  • When the bus driver said that she was writing him up and sending him to the office he said "That's bull shit!"
He is so lucky that he is not my child. I would have made her get back on the bus and I would have spanked her right there in front of all those other students for doing something that DUMB!!!

Boy is my blood boiling. I have told him is better knock the stupid stuff off when he is on my watch!!



  1. Wow, a 12 year old biting and than following it with profanity. Children learn not to bite at an early age, he's way beyond that lesson.

    It hope someone gets it under control soon, otherwise, he could be on a path of destruction.

  2. oh my goodness! What did the parents say?


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