Friday, March 5, 2010

I may never go to Taco Bell again.

I realize that I am totally stressed to my limits and I could even be a bit bitchy but come on now...

Let me start by saying that our last visit to this Taco Bell was not a good one. Needless to say, if I could find that darn receipt we would have a free meal coming. Somehow I have managed to misplace it. It will turn up I am sure. That free meal is because their service sucks. They were running low on supplies so we were ripped off of pretty much everything we ordered.

Now, on to tonight. I have been cooped up in this house long enough so after my 3 daycare girls left, I thought I would take the 2 boys out and get then some Cinnamon Twists for a snack (healthy I know). When I pull in, there is only one other car in the drive thru. Well, here is how our trip went...

"I'll be with you in a minute"


"Ok, what can I get you?"

"I need the NBA $5 meal..."

"We don't sell that anymore."

"Well, then you should really remove that huge sign hanging on your menu board then."

"Ok, sorry."

"Well then, give me a #3, crunchy with a Dr. Pepper and 2 orders of cinnamon twists..."

"We are out of cinnamon twists."

"Okay boys they are out of cinn. twists, what else do you want?" "Ok, I need one order of nachos w/cheese, one crunchy taco, one double decker supeme and a nacho bellgrande."

"$11.68, pull up to the first window. (they only have one window)



"Here is your drink." (which the top is covered with pop and spills all over me)


"UM, we are out of $1 bills so I am going to have to give you back $10 instead of $8.32. Wow, you got a bargain."

"Some bargain, your light on your menu board is out...your signs are are out of cinn. are out of $1 overfilled my pop and is spewed out the top so now I have to wash my coat, some bargain."

"Sorry we have been busy."

(handing my food to me) "Hear you go, thank you."

(I check it, it looks right so I pull up and double check)

(Back through the drive thru I go)

"I'll be with you in a minute." (only one car in front of me again)

(patiently waiting again)

"Can I help you?"

"Yea, can I get my damn nachos now?"

"Sure pull around to the first window." (maybe they added a new one since my last trip around the building)

"Here you go."

"Thanks for the wonderful BARGAIN!!"

(20 minutes later we are on our way home)

To the guys working at Taco Bell in Marengo:

I am NOT sorry for being over stressed and bitchy! I am NOT sorry for being sarcastic! I am NOT sorry for being rude when you all gave me such a great bargain! I am NOT sure if I will ever give you my business again!"

You know, my niece just said earlier today "Why does everything always happen to you guys?" You know after careful thinking about that I have no good answer.

BTW, the egg throwing IDIOT should be here tomorrow at 1:00pm to give us his apology. haha haha


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  1. Wow that is horrible. Sounds like my visit to Subway 2 weeks ago. I work in customer service and you should hear the calls I get it's crazy.


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