Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. What is your favorite kind of cookie? Sugar cookie with powered sugar/milk icing.

2. If a birds wing falls asleep, does it hurt when it tries to flap it's wings or does that make it feel better? That is a very good question, I asked my Parakeet but he would not answer. He must think it's a dumb question.

3. Water - tab, bottle, filtered or....??? Bottle and Ice Mountain only!

4. Would you (or do you) have a stripper pole installed in your home? Uh, NOT!

5. Do you still have any Christmas decoration up? Nope, Hubby took the outside lights down last week. lol

6. What brand of camera do you have? Minolta, Kodak and Nikon.

7. Why do paint colors have weird names? Because it helps us relate to the color, silly goose!

8. Which toe is your favorite and which foot is it on? My left pinky toe and because I have broken it, so now I have to watch out for the poor little thing.

9. What would you do if a celebrity sneezed in your face? "Ugg, you jerk!"

10. If a stranger came to your door and asked for a glass of water, would you give it to them? No, but I would tell them, that there is a water hose outside.

11. The government has asked that you pick the newest national holiday - what is it? "Here's Your Sign Day"

12. How many toothpicks could you fit into a beer can? OMGoodness, I am guessing....3128.

13. Whats the weirdest excuse you ever gave for missing school or work...or heck, even a social function, date, whatever? I'm just too tired.

14. Can we stop now? I hope so, the toothpick thing has my mind going crazy.

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