Monday, March 8, 2010

Disappointing Visit.

Wow, what a busy weekend I had. I had daycare kiddos Friday from 7am until 1am then on Saturday from 4am till midnight then Sunday the 3 girls were only here for 3 hours 3:30pm until 6:30pm. Actually it was just enough time to be a thorn in my side. Not really, they are 3 wonderful little girls and being around them is fun and besides that it gives me their part-time hours for this week. Yippee!

Now yesterday was a very busy morning. I went out for breakfast at Bob Evans with my parents then Hubby and I headed around the corner to visit my Grandparents. Whom I must say that I have not seen since New Years Eve. I know, I am a bad granddaughter. I used to visit them once a week faithfully but with things so busy for me, when I do have time off I just actually don't feel like running all over. Our visit with them was actually pretty disappointing. When we arrived at the Assisted Living facility, Grandpa was still in his pajamas. Which I knew right away something was not right. Well, he had been sick and vomiting during the night and still was not feeling well. He hadn't gotten dressed and didn't go to breakfast. He sorta chuckled when he said that he sent Grandma down to breakfast by herself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to him but dear Grandma is getting around much better than he is. She may tell you the same thing 10 times while you are there visiting but she can walk circles around him....literally.

I helped Grandpa put the clothes away that came back from the laundry on Saturday and let me tell you....if the laundry lady had been working that day, she would have got a small piece of my mind (I can't stand to lose a big piece, there is not much left). They bring their laundry back in the same laundry basket that they took it in. They do not do all the residents laundry together, some of the residents do their own laundry. So each apartments laundry is done all by itself. Anyway, I went in to get the laundry out of the basket and oh what a dummy... Now I am not kidding when I say...what a mess. Now, the only thing in the laundry basket was a couple towels, washcloths, socks for both Grandparents, boxer shorts, bras, pajamas and grandpas t-shirts (wife beaters). All the other clothes hang up and the laundry lady hangs them in the closet. Any how, As I would take them out of the basket, there would be a pair of boxers, then a wash cloth, then a bra, then a pair of socks or two, then a t-shirt, then a towel, then a pair of boxers, then a t-shirt, then a pair of pajamas. Who exactly folds their laundry and piles it up that way. Seriously, why wouldn't you put all the boxers together, all his socks together, all her socks together, all his pajamas together and all of her pajamas together and the same for the towels? And they were folded very sloppy. I had to refold most of them before putting them away. Knowing that an 92 year old man is putting them away, why would you do that. And these dummies get paid to do their laundry. That service is not included in the cost to live there. Very disgusted, I was.

Grandpa didn't have his hearing aids in for most of the time we were there so it was like talking to the wall. Finally after Jr told him the same thing about 5 times, he got up and got them. I know that he didn't feel good so we only stuck around for about an hour, then we let him be.

Well, after the visit with them, Hubby dropped me off at WalMart while he went and washed my Trailblazer, and boy does it look good now. WalMart was not so busy when I first got there but then........the churches let out and it was slammed. I should know better to go at that time but there are only certain times that i can go so I guess I just have to suck it up, huh?

So, we got home and got groceries put away before the daycare kiddos arrived. Our wonderful daughter fixed homemade pizzas for supper, which were great by the way, I did the dishes, messed with the girls until they went home then hit the bathtub with a good book and a glass of wine. Wow, what a busy day I had.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. Are you kidding me. I would think socks go with socks, boxers go with boxers. I would say something. They are in their 90's, don't these people get it! They are their to help out!!!
    YIKES! This makes me mad... :(


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