Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally complete!!

I am so excited that my Grandparents house is completely finished! All empty and all cleaned out. If I could I would do a cartwheel.
Whoot whoot I am jumping for joy and dancing in the street. I just may drink me a margarita!
Oh darn, I have kiddos in a couple hours.


  1. Ok.. if you decide to do the cartwheel.. I am available after the hours of 8pm to visit at the hospital.. Also please have my Bro or someone tape this ACCIDENT... I will want to see it..
    Heck just call me when you decide to do it..
    CAreful dancing in your street.. its actually a road and its very very busy!!
    What is with this Preview crap with your comment box.. goodness bad enough it never takes me the first time.. so I have to hit Post Comment again and wait for page to load.. then preview the comment and then hit it again.. I waste precious time leaving comments on your blog.

  2. Well I am checking it out now. Your Bro told me "NO CARTWHEELS, I don't have time for Urgent Care!"

  3. congratultions I bet that feels good and HEY you won that Water RuSH 2 quarry giveaway I'm so JEALOUS...I wanted one for my boys

    ENJOY that one and can't wait to see some pictures


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