Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So now "I" am the ASS

For those of you who follow me know that I have been cleaning out my grandparents house and selling things for a couple months now. For those of you who are new to this can view some of the posts here, here and here.

But for a little update, I have been cleaning out the house of my Dad's parents. Now he has a brother who has 3 sons and I have 1 brother but some how I was left responsible for the selling and cleaning out of the house. You see, my grandparent's moved into an Assisted Living Facility somewhere around last Aug. or Sept. So along with some help from my Hubby and two aunts on my MOM's side of the family I am done except for the garage. We have went through more stuff than I would have ever imagined would fit into a 3600+ square foot house that they have lived in for about 50 years.

Well today, I became the Ass somehow, I guess. My uncle who has been NO help what so ever during this whole thing accused my dad of stealing his pool cue that he bought we he was 15. Now that was about 50 years ago. He found it in the house last Thursday and carried it out into the garage and put it into a cabinet because he was going to take it home with him. At this point I am not sure why he didn't walk it the other 20 feet and put it in his car is beyond me. He knew I was cleaning out the house and throwing junk away so what he was thinking is ...obviously he was not thinking. So anyway he goes up there today with my dad and goes to get his pool cue out of the cabinet and guess what. Yep, the cabinet was empty, not even a speck of dust. He blew up and started accusing my Dad of stealing it and he went off the deep end. What a jerk.

So, here is what happened to his dumb 50 year old pool stick. I threw it in the trash. Yep, in the trash. But luckily for him my Aunt J saw it in the trash and asked her son who was up there buying some furniture if he wanted it. It was in the trash so that makes it "fair game". Well I had to call him today and ask for it back. Now I am the ass. I felt really stupid but what am I to do?

I called my lazy uncle and told him I had his darn pool stick (that I would have loved to stick somewhere). Ooo he was very short with me, polite but short. Oh well no loss on my end. It just ticks me off. I have been telling them to get their crap out of there. Well tonight I gave him the final warning. He better get anything he wants out of the garage or I will throw it away this weekend. I think he got my drift.

I have busted and busted my butt up there and I will not put up with others being a pain in my butt.



  1. you are a lots nicer than me, I am sure I would have planted that pool cue just where it needed to be. Good luck with the house and don't let any one push you around.

  2. Hey, honestly it doesn't matter what your Uncle Thinks.. geez if he lived without the pool stick in his house for the last 50 years he wasn't too attached.. besides.. You are not doing this for him.. its for Grandparents V.H... so you know how much they appreciate everything you do and have done so heck with the rest of the family.


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