Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wooooooo, I'm hacked!!

OMG, I am really hacked off!!

I just had to go to my grandparents house because the alarm company called and said the alarm was going off. So, I hop in the Trailblazer and take off and away I go. I get to their house and there is a realtor there showing the house to someone I know. So of course I am chatting with her and she says "I talked to "J" (who is my SIL) and she told me, "We have been working up there and had a couple garage sales." Who the hell is "WE"? Maybe she is an imaginary person and goes up there when I am not there. If she is I sure wish that she would do something while she is there because it is just like I left it when I return. What gives other people the right to claim that "they" helped when in fact they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She did come up to "help" with one garage sale, but all she did was sat out in the middle of the driveway condescending her daughter the whole time. She wiped off 5 old books from the dirty garage and laid them in the drive beside her. That's it!! What the hell is she thinking? Ooooo some people are just STUPID, STUPID, STUPID and piss me off. I have just about had it with all the bull-crap. My blood is boiling!! No wonder my Doctor says that I am over-stressed. Lord, give me the strength not to ......



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