Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, the things I have found.

Those of you who have been following me know that I have been going through all my grandparents (ages 90 and 92) belongings and getting it ready for the final moving sale. I am amazed at some of the things I have came across. I wish I had pictures of all the really interesting things but I don't, I will try to take some pics tonight when I go back up there to work on some more things. But for now I will tell you about some of them.

I found what is called a Mourning necklace. I am told that in the olden days you would put a lock of hair of someone who died in these lockets. It is very pretty.

I also found some jewelry that belonged to my great-great-great aunt, who died when she was 105 and that about 18 years ago. It is very beautiful. I would love to keep a LOT of the jewelry but it does not belong to me so that is that.

I also came across two different silver napkin rings. One is dated 1869. Boy that was a few dinners ago. Back then they had either their name or initials on them. I guess that is so they knew whose napkins were whose.

I found some interesting papers from where my grandfather was in the Army. I found that pretty cool....I'm keeping.

I have this thing for old marbles and keys and I added to my collection of those. Old keys? Like I would ever be able to use them.

Of course there were some old glass milk bottles, cigar boxes, oh and a 1960's remote controlled car. It ran on batteries and of course had wires but it's pretty cool.

And, you will love this. I found a gold tooth. Yep, you read me right. A gold tooth that is actually still with root intact. It is also connected to a fake tooth, like a small bridge. I thought that was pretty interesting also.

Then, I found a favorite of mine that I am going to put on my new front porch. It is what I believe to be an old boiler tub. It is copper and the information I found on it is that it is either an old boiler, which is what I think, or a firewood tub. Reguardless I cannot wait to put me a flowerpot in it next year and place it on my Americana porch. Awesome!

My great-grandfather was a Postmaster and I found the paperwork for him where he was sworn in and it is signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. How cool is that. I just may keep that for myself also. The heck with the other unhelping family members.

There are so many cool things that I could just sit look through the stuff forever. Oh, I also found in the kitchen basement closet, a lithograph called "Spirited Horses No 2", that I found on the internet for anywhere from $100 to $150.

So much history. Unbelievable!

The funniest thing we found was a picture of a geisha girl and guy, naked and X-rated. It had great detail. I will not be taking a pic of that for you, lol.

If there was something that I could do for two of my Aunts, on the other side of my family, that has been helping me I certainly would do it. They have been such wonderful help. It just amazes me. They are NOT even related to them.
My grandparents are my dad's parents and those Aunts are my mom's sisters. They would do anything for me though, that is just how they are, always there when I need them, and even when I don't.


  1. Hey, could I borrow Aunt J and Aunt G for a day or so.. I could use any help I can get.. Cause I am getting TIRED>>>.hehehe tomorrow will be better only 1 kiddos.. He will be no problem and maybe I will be able to get something done and have it stay done for more than 2 seconds.. WE shall see.. By the way.. MOVING is NO FUN!!!

  2. OK now I'm sitting here with my mouth open...POST THOSE PICTURES. How wonderful all of the things you found I Love those old keys those are simple very cool. Paper signed by a former president FRAME that! WOW. I have some old Stamps that were used for rashins during the depression. Nothing cool like what you have. THe history is amazing. Can't wait to see.
    Yes you voted right. I am pretty sure. Thanks for taking time out to care for a friend. HUGS


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