Sunday, July 12, 2009

I switched to Foxfire. . .

. . . and fixed the right sidebar on my site. Finally!! Does it look better?



  1. Looks good,... and ok.. what am I chopped liver.. you wouldn't want to spend your last day(s) with me.. what happens if today was your last day..nananana you spent part of it with me.. hahahaha..
    ok..Might I ask where in the heck the post went that I was typing about.. it changed.. in the middle of me typing.. HOw RUDE!!! geez louise..
    alright.. so you have Foxfire.. now when you say easy.. put it in Rene terms.. remember how stinking tired I am.. and tell me if it is for sure easy.. and your S in followers is Hanging by itself on my laptop on your left sidebar under your twitter follow me button.. is it hanging on yours.. and my comment is now longer than your post... so... THE END


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