Monday, July 27, 2009

So Much For Relaxation

I finally get a chance to go camping and boy was I looking forward to that. I was thinking peace and quiet and lots of relaxation and quality time with the Hubby. Did I get that? Let me know what you think after your read my story....

We are off on our weekend of camping with my parents (in our own campers). The day before we go, I find out that 2 of my nieces are going with my parents and in my camper is going to be my daughter, her boyfriend, a nephew, Hubby and myself. So much for some piece and quiet and relaxation. Now, we are responsible for one breakfast and one supper and my parents were responsible for the other breakfast and supper. For our breakfast we chose to fix pancakes and sausage and for supper Hubby chose Chili. Not my favorite but it'll do. I guess Chili was not good enough for my family because my Mother fixed steak for her, my dad, brother, 2 nieces and nephew. Where was my steak? Did I get one? I was napping when the question was asked "Who wants a steak?" but Hubby said he told my Mom that he was sure I would want one. But did I get it? NOT!!!! Oooo was I a little perturbed. I guess I am a nobody to her. Now that she has fixed all them steak I have tons of chili left over. The worst part is that I told her I was fixing chili for supper that night like 4 days earlier.

The campground that we go to has a swimming pool therefore me and Hubby have to take the nieces to the pool so they can swim. Why us? They aren't camping with us? Well, because my parents won't take them. And it's not quite fair that they don't get to swim.

Then to add to the list of people, my brother, his wife and son show up also. Boy by this time we are just having a dag gone family reunion. I wanted some relaxing time... So much for that. I did take my book and my chair and move away from everyone and do some reading. I am sure that they thought I was being a true biotch, but oh well. I don't get much peace and quiet at my house with having daycare kiddos there all the time.

Next time, I think I will just run away and not tell anybody. lol No actually Hubby and I are planning a camping trip in August with NO extra visitors!! No tons of mouths to cook for, just us.


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