Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally the weekend is over.

I had a very busy weekend and sadly I missed doing the Saturday Meme of Small Talk Six, which I love doing so I may just do it tomorrow, if I manage to get my house cleaned up from the tornado of a weekend. I also need to get through my 713 items from my google reader and enter my giveaways. So much to do and so little time. We really need to figure out how to slow time down or something.

We had a garage sale to start getting rid of some of my Grandparents possessions. Since they have moved into the Assisted Living facility they don't need the rest of their things and there is no use in keeping the house and all the expenses of having it so my wonderful Hubby and I volunteered to have a garage sale for him since no one else would. Boy what were we thinking, now I know why I don't have garage sales. We worked for about 11 hours getting ready for this and then we worked out butts off all weekend. I didn't realize how much stuff they had. But the good thing is, is that we sold a ton of stuff. We constantly put stuff out all weekend long. Every time something sold I was filling it's spot with something else. Of course, I had to go dig it out and price it first. But we managed. I do have to say Thanks to my Hubby and my Aunt J (from the other side of my family) for all their hard work. Oh, and my daughter and my mom came up and helped also. Without them I am not sure if I could have done it myself, and we didn't even advertise in the papers. Just a sign out front of the house and a couple other signs that got taken down. I learned that you can't put signs uptown on our square, they must frown on that because they took my sign. Darn snobby town I live in anyway! That's why I am in the country.

I am glad that is over but we are having a final sale the first weekend in July. Their house is close to our county fairgrounds so I bet we will get a lot of people from that, only because a lot of them will have to drive by to get to the fair grounds.

I had my dreams smashed this weekend. I have always wanted to live in a big two story house until this weekend but now, there is not a snowballs chance if hell for that. I must have climbed those stairs 400 times carrying stuff up the stairs and I never want to see another set of stairs again. So much for my dream of that big house!

My grandparents are actually very funny people most of the time. I just have to tell you what my Grandma did. To tell you a bit first though, she has a little dementia (and I am not poking fun at her). I collected all her jewelry together and decided I was going to sit down with her and go through it. So I walk into the room carrying an old small suitcase and a couple other boxes (grandma loved jewelry) and told her I wanted to go through her jewelry with her. Of course, she said "Okay." So I precede to open the suitcase and start showing her some things I thought she would like and she says "This is not my jewelry, I have never seen this before." I tried to explain to her that yes, it was hers because I got it out of her dresser. "Nope, I have never seen this before and your grandpa wouldn't spend this kind of money on me anyway." Now, grandpa is sitting right beside me laughing by now, so he tells her,"Yes, it is your jewelry and I did buy it for you." Needless to say that after about an hour of this, she is still convinced that it is not hers and she told me and my mom that we could have it. All I could think of was, YEAH!! I love jewelry! So, I took a few pieces and so did my mom and my daughter got a couple pieces also. My mom went back through it and got some more (not sure why because she doesn't wear it) and I am going back through it again sometime this week because I was busy laughing at grandma to see a lot of it. I know it's not funny but really it was.

My daycare kiddos are in bed asleep now so I am off to get some well deserved sleep.


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