Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well here it is....Thursday......and guess what, the taxes are still not completed. I used to keep good records then about July of last year things must have gotten rough because my booking went to hell in a hand-basket. I must admit that I did not keep things current so I am having to go back and add all my hours for each day, month, etc. All I can say is, it sucks.
Can you tell I am having a bad day? Or should I say bad three days? It all started when the SITS Spring Fling ended. I was so very confident that I would win something. Well I entered and entered every chance I got. Of course while doing so I found a lot of interesting blogs. BUT I can say I won Then I get a text from my sister-in-law "AuntRene" who says:
"How mad would you be if I told you I won something?"
I respond with something like:
"Not again."
She responded with:
"I won three things, this and this and that."
I am saying to myself Blah, blah, blah.
Then I get another text a day later that says:
"I won a Starbucks gift card."
I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say:
"What the hell, I give up!!!"
So I guess you could say I did. I haven't entered a giveaway since Spring Fling. Never win so why enter. If I can't win one thing after entering 103 giveaways in one day then I am doing something wrong or just plain have bad luck.
"OK auntrene, I am NOW whining."
She loves it when she knows I am whining. She just loves to rub it in. ;o)
I worked on my blog so much yesterday and earlier today that I think I am crazy, but I am not the type of person who will let something get the best of me. So I thought, until today. I have googled and googled to try to figure out how to get the pencil and wrench to work on my blog, but I finally give up. Everything I have read to check is there. There is only one thing left to try and it has to do with my firewall I do believe. Something to do with third party things. I didn't feel like googling that so I gave up.
Then today............oh today sucked or this morning did anyway. MY dog is very spoiled. She is a one person dog (which is a total pain). She will only go outside and go potty for me. And if there is something different going on outside she won't go potty at all. So here's the rundown:
2:30am - She wakes me up to go pee
2:50am - She wakes me up to go poo.
(Now remind you I am trying to sleep and she just wants two treats)
7:15am - She barks at me so I take her out, she won't go 'cuz a mom pulls in the drive to drop of a kid. She doesn't go potty.
8:30am - She barks at me so I take her out again, only for a robin to be out in the yard so that she can chase it across the road and back. She doesn't go potty.
(Now I am getting MAD)
9:45am - She barks at me once again so my wonderful Hubby says I will take her out this time. Only for someone to pull in the neighbor across the streets drive so that she can go visit. She doesn't go potty.
(She is now put into her crate for being BAD)
10:30am - She barks like mad so once again I take her out......on a leash........only for a lawn mover repair place to show up at the neighbor across the street. She doesn't go potty.
(Remember she hasn't pottied since 2:30am)
(Back to the crate again)
11:15am - She is barking like mad again soooo I take her out..on a guessed it she doesn't go potty.
(Back to the crate and I am PISSED)
11:40am - barking like mad, my Hubby takes her out...on a leash..guess what.........She doesn't go potty. Surprised?
Noon - Still barking like mad, I take her the leash...and SHE PEED!!
Now remember the 2:30am thing, she couldn't go more than three and a half hours without being let out but while I am awake she goes nine and a half hours. How convenient.
So, I have had a couple bad days. I'll get over it. Tomorrow is Friday, which means Friday Night Girls card game at my house. Yeah!! Not sure what we are eating yet, I left it up to the other girls to choose.
Grandma update: She is moving around better every day, so says my Grandpa.

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  1. Ok, update on the giveaways. Only 2 of those giveaways that I won yesterday were from Spring Fling. The Bracelet, and the Starbucks card. The others were giveaways that I filled out a week or so ago.
    I am sorry that you little mutt is giving you such a hard time. Trust me I know. Tonight when the boys were here The Rockstar had to go outside 5 times in 4 hours.
    But I couldn't stand not to have him, so I will do his bidding and open and close the door a hundred times a day.
    I have a huge houseful of kiddos tomorrow, I think 7 all day and one half day. Should be busy, Oh and The Princess will be here for a bit while Sis runs and gets groceries.
    Don't give up on the giveaways. I know that several of the Spring Fling giveaways are not even drawing until tomorrow Friday the 13th..
    Have fun playing Cards, Tell Your wonderful daughter Happy Birthday..


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