Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Busy Monday.

Today was a busy day again! I had 6 kiddos all day then 4 more after school till 6:00pm with 2 here until 10pm. We did our Mother Goose Time which included painting frogs out of paper sandwich boxes. Then they made a pond out of construction paper and they glued yellow ducks made of construction paper on them and they drew all the other animals that live in a pond. They were really cute and they really enjoyed that today.
We had a short nap time because of my hubby and one of my daycare kids' dad were working on my new porch roof. At the end of day one we have tresses already. I am so excited!! I cannot wait! I can sit outside this summer when it is raining. I will have pictures at the end of this of our porch project.
After snack we were headed outside but two of the kiddos did not have shoes. Imagine that NO shoes. Sometimes parents amaze me. But I let the rest of the kids go out and when those kids left I went outside with them all. Somehow I ended up with a "crappy" job of pooper scooping. Wow dogs really crap a lot over the winter, so much that it is ridiculous.
I am off to relax a little until my kiddos leave.


  1. LOL
    Oh you are SO right about how much dogs can poo! It's supposed to be my hubby's chore but I always end up doing it! Ick.

  2. Do not get me started about Poo, not the dog variety, kid.. Picture my little tiny bathroom, 3 year old who has accident, decides to take care of it himself.. My monday... go ahead try to top it...

  3. No Rene, I think you have it all wrapped up.

  4. Is it bad that I want to whine that I am having a horrible, terrible Bad week and it is only Tuesday.. I am so afraid to even attempt the rest of the week.
    I think a hot bath, a good nights sleep... say until SATURDAY! would be good.
    Trust me, Long week... and still have at least 3 days to go.


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