Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's definitely March

Well, I went to see the Grandparents today. They were doing well! Grandpa was still a little upset that they tried to get Grandma ready for bed at 6:30pm the other day. He said that he blew a gasket, and I pity the girls that were working that night.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my Grandparents, they are 89 and 91 and they recently moved into an assisted living facility (which is awesome I must say). They have their own apartment and the facility has a beautiful dining room that they go down to, to eat their meals. The nurses are in charge of all their medications, they have someone that does their laundry, cleans the apartment and of course the Nurses aide's help with my Grandma some. My Grandparents still get out and go to the bank and for "coffee breaks" and for a quick run to Wal-Mart for Cinnamon Rolls.
So, on that note a change into PJ's at 6:30pm is a little too early.

Well I have pictures to update you on my new porch roof and house re-shingle. It is starting to look pretty good. I can't wait until this is finished and we can get it all cleaned up and enjoy the new roof. Later this year we are going to redo the porch bottom so it will all look lots better

Here are what my new shingles look like. Notice the blue "toolbox" in the top of the picture....
Well, it's a cooler. They think this is really part of their tools, or a security box. For some reason they don't go anywhere without it full of Bud Light and even while roofing.
I call these guys "the 3 asses" and my Hubby.
I haven't yet decided if these two were napping or getting a closer look.
This is my Hubby and a buddy thinkin'. Looks like they are thinking too hard. One is scratching his head and the other seems to be scratching his butt. Go figure.
I will keep you all update on the roof, which is on hold because today is crapping and it's even snowing. Oh, I keep having to telling myself that it is only March.

Aunt Rene what happened to you? You seem to have deserted us here in the blogging community. Where are you, you haven't posted since Wednesday?


  1. Thank goodness March is almost over, Then lovely April. Hopefully we will see lots of sunshine. Glad the grandparents are doing well. The roof is looking great. Well I am off to soak in the tub, then off to bed. Kiddy day tomorrow. Not a bad day. Tuesday will be full house. Woo HOo!!! it will probably rain all day. Tell my niece I will be sending her a map to my house. Apparently she can never find it.. Brat.. hehe.
    Tell my bro hi, talk to you guys later. Oh Yeah.. I have won some great giveaways. The RainX.. oh yeah, new windshield wipers for Montana.. she will be so happy.

  2. Okay, those "thinking" pictures are hilarious!!

  3. Stopping by to say Hello and Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Good luck!

  4. Wow! It looks great. I love the porch! I am wondering how with all those butt shots I don't see one crack! It must be magic.


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