Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soggy Thursday

Well, we picked up our shingles last night. Listen to me saying we. I guess "we" didn't pick up the shingles, my Hubby and BIL "Wob" went and got them last night. Yeah, we have shingles....Boo, we have rain....and more rain in the forecast, like everyday except two days in the next six day. That is not good, I am getting excited about getting this all done, cleaned up and looking good.
Now, I told you all that I went to the Doctors yesterday but what I didn't tell you was one thing she said to me. I am kinda stuck on this, which I am sure any woman would be.
She says to me "Do you realize that you have gained 11 pounds since you were in here in December?"
I said "Not really, but thanks for that little piece of information that I could have done without."
She comes back with a "Are you eating healthy?"
Anyone who knows me, knows that sometimes I can't just answer the question, so I come back with a "Doesn't look like it does it?"
That was the end of that conversation. Thank Goodness. I have been having issues with that ever since. I didn't take that too well. I guess that was her polite way of say "You need to quit feeding your fat *ss and get up and do something with yourself." So now you know what kind of mood I have been in ever since that doctor visit. I am not so sure I like her very well right now.

Oh almost forgot to tell you something. Nothing can go smoothly for us. My Hubby is sitting in the living room today yelling at our cat Milo for scratching on something in the corner behind my recliner. I look and it seems that he is just getting toys out of his toy basket. Well, later I come in and sit down and I hear the scratching and look back and he, Milo, is asleep. I guess that wasn't him scratching.........somethings in the wall. No one want to go outside to see what is in the wall. There is one spot that Hubby has not got covered yet from where the cut the soffit off the house for the porch roof and of course something had to find that spot. Finally the man goes out with a flashlight and mirror and says he is going out to see what can scare the sh*t out of him. Finally he figures out that it is a little bird stuck at the bottom between the inside wall and outside sheeting of the house....yes, we have no insulation in the walls...nice.
"How do we get it out?" he asks me. What do I look like the bird catcher? Well being the Hillbillies that we are, he goes to the closet and gets some strapping. And no, not the kind you would use for people, the kind you use to repair lawn chairs (that itchy stuff that no one likes to sit on). Anyway he drapes it down into the wall hoping the little birdie will climb out. It took him four or five tries and it would get half way up and fall back down but I haven't heard him in a while so it either got out or fell and died. I hoping for that he got out.
That reminds me of the owl that once got into our basement...funny story!!


  1. There is honestly never a dull moment at your house. Ever... Between the kids, the critters, my bro, my niece, her hubby to be.. Never Dull..
    I am tired, Mom went up to read, I am getting ready to go up. Mom is has been wore out today from the chemo. Hopefully she will recoop quick. We shall see.
    Take Care, tell everyone I said Hi... Thanks for the great work on the family blog, I honestly haven't been on much.. Will try to finish checking it out this weekend.. Busy kid day tomorrow.

  2. If I keep eating at CiCi's pizza buffet, I'll be hearing the same thing from the doctor :D
    Hope your shingles work out well.

  3. I heard that the shingles may be going up on the roof today.Yeah!!! The sun is shining and your roof might get finished. I bet you are glad it will be done. Just in time for the "storm" tomorrow night.. Geez I won't even say it... about the high winds, your new roof.. It is insured right???
    5 kiddos here now and only 2 more to come. One is your Wild Niece, I am sure she will be calling her Uncle she ususally does everyday.
    I need to go to the grocery, do you hate when you really only need like 2 or 3 things but yet going to the grocery 5 min from home will take you an hour, because everyone in town will be there, you will have to Chat, and wait in line.. OH well!! I want to get everything done today and try to enjoy some of the weekend, before the STORM...
    Have Fun with the Monkeys on your roof, Tell everyone HI!!!
    Talk to you later gotta go and call the landlord for the 5th time in 2 weeks, no shower, ERR!!! I may just go get the thing tomorrow and fix it myself.. hehe.. that will be a site, I will go get it attempt to fix it, screw it up, and then call the landlord and really be upset and then he will send the handyman over to fix it.
    Talk to you later, STAY OFF THE ROOF!!


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