Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did I accomplish anything?

Well I feel I got nothing accomplished today even though I actually did. I got some light cleaning done and fixed my sister-in-laws blog site. That's about it except for fixing beef and noodles for supper. I didn't get to my grandparents today to visit and I feel guilty. In true reality I just didn't feel like leaving the house, even though I have only left to go to the bus stop a few days and bowling on Wednesday. My head had been hurting since yesterday. I thought it was the ponytail but I guess that's not it since I took it out and still have a headache.

My grandparents are 91 and 89 and live in an assisted living facility because they just really need someone to oversee them and make sure they are getting their meds. They tried the Home Care and that was a joke. Moving to assisted living was a good choice for them. They can still leave when they want and they get three meals per day and activities.

They have two sons, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. I am basically the only grandchild that goes and visits. I try to go every Sunday to see them. One grandson goes over occasionally and the other three grandchildren who live a little over an hour away go over about twice per year., three times would be a wonderful thing. They say that they are just too busy. Too busy I say, is bull sh*t. I keep kids from 3:30 am or 6:30am until 10pm or 11pm Monday thru Friday and then 9am to 5pm on Saturday and I still manage to go visit. Sometimes it just gets the best of me when I think about that. Ugh!

Anyway back to feeling guilty...they seem to depend on my for a lot, or so they say they do. Maybe because I am the only granddaughter and they only have sons. When I don't go over it makes me feel like I have let them down for some reason. I know it disappoints them (because some times they tell me so). They definitely don't hold anything back. If they have something to say they say it. Sometimes thats good but sometimes that's bad.


  1. You know that Grandma and Grandpa only lay the guilt on so you will come more. I know they appreciate everything you do for them. They are so sweet. I am so glad that they like living in the Assisted Living. Much better choice for them. Too bad its not a little closer to you.
    Thanks so much for fixing my blog. What a mess, headache is still hanging on. I am going to bed. Take care, Remember it is only 9 days until the Sits Blog Party.. Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait.

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