Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a Sunday!!

Well it seems like it took me all day to introduce myself. I started it this morning and just finished it about 7:15pm. Oh, I have had a busy, busy day. Feeling super crappy with a stuffed up head and nose but I was called to the roof to help the Hubby. Yes, I on the roof for about 5 hours and I can now honestly say that I am not a construction worker nor due I want to be. But anyway, we got the valleys cut and tar papered and half the porch roof tar papered and some drip edge on. My body is calling me an idiot and my mind is calling me the same. Now not only can I not move but I still cannot breathe through my nose. Luckily I am not coughing because that would be terrible.

I stopped over to see the Grandparents at the Assisted Living place and they were eating dinner, which looked very good. They were having coleslaw, baked potato, creamed peas and BBQ spare ribs. And of course juice and coffee. It looked really yummy. I didn't stay long because I didn't want to give them my germs and I am just plain pooped. I did drop off them an Easter wreath that I made them. My Grandma just loved it. She likes bright colors so it fits her wonderful.

I promise that tomorrow I will get to the Ultimate Blog Party '09 if it kills me. I guess I should say that if I am still alive tomorrow. After today who knows.


  1. All the people my Bro has time to help, There was no one else who could help with Roof work. I know that our BIL was at work, but there should of been someone besides you. Goodness!!! Of course not like he should really be up there probably either. Mom and I started to come out but tinkerbell stopped over for a visit, then she took a nap(mom not tink) and then Sis came with the Princess and by then the day was about over. Maybe there will be another nice day to ride out and check it out.
    Feel Better Soon!

  2. Well here is the run down of friends....R.C. went to Bristol to see the race....Z was who knows where...Kevin S. (R.C.'s Kev) called yesterday and was working on someone's car stereo....Bobbi helped some yesterday...your BIL was dad was Bro is well, you know....J.C. from the big town of Marion went to some turkey cuz J.M. was who knows where, maybe working so that pretty much leaves me...Your nephew little T was over today to see if he had the right gasket for his car for my hubby to fix but you no kids they don't offer to help. Just like our daughter she won't help either and her boyfriend needs his truck worked on but he never offered to help either. Kids these days....just like the hubby said...pretty much worthless when it comes to work.

  3. That wreath is such a great idea! I think I'm going to make that an Easter project for the kids this weekend.


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