Friday, March 6, 2009

Fantastic Friday!!

Well today was a great day. Only two kiddos during the day and one was only for a couple hours, then three more after school with two until 10pm.
Well I went and visited my favorite Bent and Dent store today. I got some goodies but still no veggies or enchilada sauce. That's probably because AuntRene bought them all. :) They had some good buys on cereal, Crystal Light, Brownies, Ravioli's and as usual chicken broth. Love that store.
Then we went to the Amish Bulk Food Store and guess what my little S.S (who is 4 1/2) found........marshmallows that they put in cereal.......and a half gallon bag of them. Just marshmallows that's it. How could I pass that up for a $1.20.Then I got some horseradish cheese. I have never heard of such a thing. But they let me taste it and boy I cannot wait to put that on a ham sandwich. Yummy!!!
Well it's time to go to piratesville and pick up pizza from the family pizza place.
Oh and AuntRene thanks for not calling us to dinner. HaHa!! Good lookin' out!! :)


  1. Errr, type a whole comment, then lost it.. Ok.. I haven't been to the Bent and Dent lately, and they had no enchilada sauce when I was there either.
    Yoders by the Bent and Dent have the best Pepper Jack Cheese and it is so reasonable. Tinkerbell also bought the marshmallows for the lil bit at thier house. Lil Bit picks the Marshmallows out apparently.
    Yoders behind the church is where I get the horseradish cheese for mom, also the horseradish cheese spread. The spread is like 2 bucks.
    I need to hit the Amish stores sometime this weekend.
    I think mom and I are going to Hobby Lobby in the morning she wants material to cover pillows.
    I hope you enjoyed your pizza, we had chicken and potatoes that we had ordered in mass amounts from there and keep in the freezer and cook ourselves.. Yummy... and yes I mean piratesville ..
    Talk to you later..
    have a good night, and tell my bro and niece I say Hi.

  2. One more thing.. Thanks for rubbing in you only had 2 kids all day.. I had 8 all day and one half day.. so 9..... Busy, we played outside forever, and had Mac and cheese for lunch.. easy peasy..

  3. I don't quite know how to tell you this... but......
    YES I DO>> I Won, I Won, I am a winner.. hehehe
    I won an adorable pair of Jack and Lily shoes.. Yeah!!!!

  4. LSL said - I also buy horseradish cheese at the grocery store. Barb and I both love it - I'll have to look for it at our Amish stores. Enjoy your weekend!!


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