Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday...two more days of kiddos

Well today is Thursday already. This week seemed to fly by, thank goodness.
Well today was okay except for a major headache....again. This is starting to get old....again.
The kiddos were really wound up but luck had it was wonderful outside so they got to go out and play. Playing outside went well until parents got here from work and saw that their shoes were covered in mud. I think some parents think that kids should be able to go out and step over all the mud. IMPOSSIBLE, mud attracts kids where ever it is. That is part of being a kid, and mud.
Well the Hubby, "Mr. Build and Fix It" took me out to dinner tonight because I didn't feel like cooking. Yeah!!!! It was nothing extravagant. I had been craving a hot roast beef with mashed potatoes covered in gravy so we went to the best place close by for that. We went to the big "Al's" in piratesville.
Well I have a full belly, I am tired and have a sore head from the horrible headache earlier so I am gonna crash on the couch and relax!!!!


  1. I should of called you to come for dinner.. Guess what we had.. That's right Roast Beef it cooked all afternoon in the slow cooker, Mashed potatoes, Cole Slaw and Baked Beans.. Even with the Crud I still have to cook.
    Talk to you later, off to a bath and bed.. No treadmill I can't breath with this cold.

  2. I just love it when mine go outside...mud or not!!


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