Wednesday, March 25, 2009


5 Minutes for Mom brings Wordless Wednesday and I love it. Be sure to go here to check out other Wordless Wednesday participants.

Hubby's truck - 2006 Dodge Ram (HEMI)
February 2008 - Mixture of black ice and our daughters' boyfriends driving.


  1. How scary! I hope everyone is ok.

  2. OH, I remember that day!! Poor N I would not want to make that call..
    Hey thanks for the note about the sticky post, I took that post off because she had a new button I added that to my blog on the side, I was going to do a new better post and lost the ambitiion. I am whipped. I am off to take a hot bath and curl up with a book for a bit. I am suffering from entering giveaway burn out.. Or my addiction is now over.. Take Care, tell my Bro and niece I said HI.. Shoot I need to go to the family site and do an update on mom.. She was able to have chemo today. Alright.. later.

  3. Ouch!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! You have a very cute blog design too!

  4. I sure hope everyone was okay! Great pictures, bad circumstances. Thanks for dropping by - I'll have to take a look around...

  5. Oh, my...I hope they are all okay!

    Hubby's was actually a quad cab Dodge's like a mini version of that one.

    It didn't roll, but the truck was almost knocked completely off the frame.

  6. Ouchers...I bet the boyfriend is in BIG trouble.


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