Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terrific Thursday

Well, today was a great day....for a change. I got up at 6:15am to get ready for the kiddos to arrive and I already had a text message from their mommy saying that she was not coming because one of the girls was running a fever. Yeah for me, bad for the poor little girl. Then my darling little "Syd" (S.S.) showed up and then my little man "A" (A.H.) got here about an hour later and his mommy said that she was picking him at 3pm instead of 6pm and that I would not have to get his big sister off the bus. Then I got another text from another mommy saying that she was not going to work today because she had a migraine and one of her boys was running a fever. Again yeah for me, bad for them. That's four less kids today and three less buses to catch. YEAH!! Then my little man "B" (B.H.) finally arrived. We, well I now call him Chucky because he reminds me of Chucky from the Rugrats.
So, I did the Mother Goose with "Syd", "A" and "B". We learned about sheep and their wool. We made a lamb out of two clothes pins, tongue depressor and batting. We painted the clothes pins and tongue depressor white then we glued and clipped the clothes pins to the tongue depressor for legs then glued batting around it for the wool. Oh, and we glued eyes on it. It was just too cute. It stood up all by itself. The kids loved it. Then they got to design their own bugs. I cut out a bug body shape and they glued it to a piece of construction paper and then they had to add everything else. They turned out really cute also.
Then during nap time I went with my Aunt G and stopped by my MIL's house and picked up my stuff that my SIL got for me from Sam's Club. Thanks Rene!! Then we went to the "Bent and Dent" and found lots of good deals. But sadly I got addicted to Schwebels Multi grain bread and they didn't have any. I was so sad for that but happy to get lots of stuff for $45. I got three banana boxes full of canned and boxed goods. Yeah!! I love it when I can get Frosted Flakes for $1.60.
Well my daughter is home with Subs from the family pizza shop in piratesville, so I am outta here.


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