Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bunny Rabbits Are NOT So Cute!

I worked hard getting my small garden organized and planted. I don't have a lot of room for things but I have a lot of things I want to grow so it takes time trying to figure out where I want to put everything. So after careful planning and planting for two days I am finally done, so I thought.

It all started when we got back from our camping trip over the weekend. I went out to see how the garden was doing and was so excited that my radishes and lettuce was starting to come up then....that's when I noticed it. Two of my hot banana pepper plants were missing. Missing I said! Who stole my pepper plants?? At this point I was upset but not too angry.

Then the following morning, Tuesday, I went out to water my beautiful garden and I noticed that two more of my hot banana pepper plants were missing. Who is stealing my precious plants? I am, at this point starting to get a little perturbed. So I water the plants and go on about my business for the day.

Then on Wednesday when I went out to water the garden, I noticed that my green beans and corn are starting to poke through and I am really excited because I didn't get them planted until Friday morning. And then the shit hit the fan!! I am now missing 12 pepper plants total. Something has stolen 6 hot banana and 6 jalapeno pepper plants. In case you missed it I said 12 total. Now, at this point I am getting really pissed off. So I water my corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, radishes, lettuces', green and red peppers. And I figure what the hell so I watered where my other 12 pepper plants used to be, for good measure. Then about an hour later guess what I see...A bunny! A cute adorable fuzzy bunny!! I say "Look kiddos at the cute bunny in!!!" Oh, not so cute anymore. It's going to be a fuzzy dead bunny.

So I went and bought 6 more jalapeno plants, they didn't have any hot banana plants, and I planted them. AND, I left the cute fuzzy bunny some friends in the garden to guard my plants. I left two purple stuffies, a cat and who knows what the other one is, out there to protect my garden from the bad, bad bunny. I will be sure to take some pictures of them tomorrow if they do their job and keep the bunny away from my plants. If they don't I may have a picture of a dead bunny for you to see.

Lets hope the purple stuffies work.


  1. If those bunnies would of waited until the peppers had been on the plants they would of been easier to find.. The guilty bunnies would be in the Yard laying with Heart Burn.. Just picture it.. Poor Bunnies.. You wonder why the Pepper Plants... hmmm.. Call Aunt M at the flower shop and ask her what to spread around them.. That's what I do.. she has the worlds greatest ideas and they are usually "green" no poison, nothing bad..
    Have Fun!!!

  2. LOL. We have a bunny who visits us who also terrorizes our neighbors' garden. WE love him, but we're always laughing that while we're watching him with delight, the neighbors' eyes are peering murderously through their window wishing he'd up and leave. Hope your bunny vacates the garden!!


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