Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's finally over.

Today has been a really weird day for me. I finally got to sleep in until 10:00am (YEAH) then jumped in the shower for a few then got out and while I was getting dressed my Hubby called. He and two of his friends (RC and KS)were at my grandparents house getting ready to move the 200 year old bedroom suit from there to my parents house and he forgot the key (DUH). So I hurry and get dressed, pull my hair back and I am off to take them the keys and help them load the furniture. After that I was off the the bank then to my parents to help unload and since I had the granite tops to the dresser and dressing table I thought I should meet them there.

Of course by this time I am wanting some breakfast, so I went on down to Taco Bell for some taco supremes and I grabbed some for the Hubby and friends. I drop off their tacos and head on home to hear that my Delaware County Childcare check is at another providers home. Yippee Skippie. So after I eat I am off again to get my check and return home for a snooze. I was tired of running and had a headache and needed to take some med's and sleep it off. And I did, sleep that is. Can't say much for getting rid of the headache but I took a 2 1/2 hour snooze.

When I awake from my snooze, my phone is beeping...missed call....voice mail....text message! Whew, I had to answer all of them, one of which was a call from my Aunt J asking if I wanted to play cards tonight since we didn't get to play last night. That sounded good so I was off again to go to my cousin J's house to play even though I still had a headache. We had lasagna for supper but only played 2 games because my head got worse and I just wanted to come home to some peace and quiet.

So I have went through my 186 items in my google reader for those I am following, I entered a couple giveaways and now leaving this post and then heading to bed to catch some ZZZ's. Hopefully I do not have a headache in the morning, I have a lot to do tomorrow. I need to go to Wally World to get some groceries and flowers, visit the grandparents, clean the porch with the power washer and plant some flowers in pots for the porch so it doesn't look so plain. I am thinking I will get red, white and blue flowers. I think that would look good with my star.

If I am still up at midnight I am going to hit to get a winner for my giveaway and do that post also.
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  1. stress tension headache
    could be
    hope your better today
    and where do you get blue flowers?

  2. Hey, Careful planting today... Freeze Warning tonight... Yeppers, frost again!!! Will spring ever really arrive. I hope the headache is gone. I have a busy day today also. Cleaning house top to bottom, Perennials to plant, Mow Yard, Clean and Sweep Sidewalks, Clean Porch.. No power washer, Go to the store... OMgoodness I am ready for a nap now..
    Talk at you later.. Have a great day!


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