Monday, May 18, 2009

You're not going to believe me...

...when I say that it is 9:48pm and this is the first time I was on the computer today. I had lots to do. When the kiddos laid down for nappie time I went out and started pressure washing my old/new porch, then I moved on to the siding on the front of the house then planted the flowers I bought yesterday into pots for my porch and went to get the kiddos off the kiddos off the bus then started using the pressure washer again to do the side porch (which now has a railing) for my daycare kiddos then on to the siding on the north side of the house, then the sidewalk, back porch, kiddos bikes and cars, playhouse and then did almost have of the back of the house. I had to stop, after about 6 hours I could not do any more.
My Hubby came out about 6:30 and said that he and our daughter had made an executive decision to have pizza from the Indian for supper. Some executive decision. After eating we went our and enjoyed the porch for about an hour. I finally have it all set up and ready to go, yippee!!
My three daycare kiddos are asleep, I have showered and I am headed to bed. And I am doing it without entering and giveaway or visiting any blogs. I am just too dang tired. Opps, I have to email Rene then I am off to bed.


  1. I have noticed my computer time is dropping also, its just to nice outside to be on the computer. I went to Sam's last night for a quick pick up of a few things.
    Tonight My Boys are coming for Hot Dogs for dinner. We figure this will be one of our last dinners for a while.
    I can't wait to see your porch.. Ummmm My white rocking chair isn't out there is it?? hehehe.! just checking.

  2. I believe you. After Friday I didn't get on the internet again until Monday afternoon. I was just too busy. lol

    Have a blessed day!


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