Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is starting off good!!

Today is start off much better than the past two days have been. I got up and checked my email this morning and I found out that I won this amazing Nature Next Bamboo Booster Seat from Safety 1st over at Vanilla Joy. My kiddos will be so excited and so am I.


  1. Sweet, That is super nice. I know you are like me and can always use things like that, and it looks great.
    I just got back from taking the kids on a walking field trip. I am exhausted.
    We started at AuntM's flowers, then to the fountain to throw in some change, to the post office to check things out and mail a package. Then the fire station had the ladder truck out so we watched them do that, and the firemen waved at the kids(made their day), Checked out the Police Cars, crossed went to the grocery for some hot dog buns. Then we went to the wooden park whoo and then home.. I am almost too whipped to make lunch.. Except the best part of lunch is then it is naptime. Yeah !!! maybe I can enter a couple of giveaways.
    Talk to you later
    Have a great day!


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