Friday, May 29, 2009

I have three words to say...



  1. I need to remember to look in my book for you. I have a book called "Critter Control" which gives you non-lethal ways to try to deal with problem animals. I'll have to see what they might say about rabbits and let you know. Of course, the obvious is to use fencing that goes beneath the surface so they can't dig under it and tall enough that they can't get over it. That should keep a rabbit out. But I'll see what else my book has for you.

  2. It is only funny because it is you... I am sorry, but you know its true.. It was meant to be that those rabbits would pick your garden. I have rabbits running around on the postage stamp yard. I have been begging them to eat the Sunflower plants that are growing in the cracks of the sidewalk from the bird seed.. but they don't.
    If we lived closer I would say its because they are hopping over to your garden to munch. They do it all the new stuff that is growing under the bird feeders.. Doesn't bother me, Was thinking I needed a goat. I will just let the bunnies take care of it.
    Have fun.. Good Luck!!

  3. What about covering the plants with chicken wire? Our critters were too big and were able to move it but maybe not your rabbits...

  4. I give up. As of the day befor yesterday they have eaten 15 pepper plants and three tomato plants. I am afraid to go back out and see what they have done in the last two days.


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