Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Bunny So Far

If you need to figure out what I am talking about you can go here to learn about my bunny rabbit problems.
I went outside right before lunch to check out my newly planted jalapeno peppers and all the other peppers I had left and to my amazement...........they were all there. I wasn't missing any, so maybe my gardens watchers worked. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they continue to do their job. Now I suppose I will have to name them. I can't let them protect my garden and remain nameless. As I promised, here at their pictures: (boy I am glad I didn't have to show you a pic of a dead bunny)

Just as I thought, the kiddos went outside to play before lunch and it started raining and they all come running in. And leave it to Miss Syd to come to me a little upset because the stuffies were outside in the rain. She says to me "You need to go get the stuffies and bring them inside, too!" So I had to start my explaining as to why they were out in the garden. Her response was "Well maybe the bunny was hungry, we should give him something to eat." Ah, that's a BIG NOOOO!
My SIL left me a comment on my last garden post and said the bunny should have waited to eat the peppers. Well, they did that too, last year. We did find a dead bunny the other day under the propane tank and no I didn't kill him. Maybe he was one of the culprits. I know there are more because more pepper plants came of missing after he died.


  1. Haha! Okay, dead bunnies-not funny...but your "scary" decoys, lol!!! Most people use owl statues ya know? Lol!

  2. Your stuffies are awfully cute in the garden! I live in a huge, huge city and yet we have raccoons or possums that ate our much so that we gave up on it. Maybe I just needed really big stuffed animals in the yard?


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