Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today was beautiful out, a little chilly but beautiful!! I was awoke early by our Shadow wanting to go outside. So much for sleeping in today. Hubby wanted some breakfast so I fixed some bacon, eggs, biscuits and cheater gravy. I call gravy that is just made with bacon grease, flour, water and milk cheater gravy. I think gravy for breakfast should have sausage in it but I didn't feel like waiting for the sausage to thaw out.

After breakfast I was off to my parents to pay my mom for picking up our Shadow's insulin yesterday at Wally World. Believe it or not it is $20 per vial cheaper there than anywhere else. While I was there she sent me home with three porterhouse steaks, a whole chicken, brown sugar cured sliced ham and something else that I can't remember. Wow, that's horrible, I am telling you what...I am losing my mind. Just ask the Hubby.

Speaking of losing my mind, at breakfast I burnt the biscuits (not beyond eating), went to grab the pepper for the gravy and got the garlic pepper. That was just plain stupid because we don't even keep them in the same place. Luckily, I hadn't mixed it up yet, so I scooped it out and saved the cheater gravy. When I returned from my parents house I went to open our front door and my hand missed the handle and wham!!! I walked right into the door. DUH!! See, I told you I was losing my mind.

Okay, back to our day. After breakfast and laying around for about an hour Hubby and I went to the big town of Marion and visited the grandparents and talked with them about getting their stuff that's left in there old house ready for a sale. Oh, what a job that is going to be. I am definitely NOT looking forward to that.

After visiting, we went to KFC. That is hard for me to believe because it was Hubby's choice and he doesn't like chicken. I was wishing I would have taken my free meal coupons over so I could have got the things for my rain checks but I never dreamed we would have ended up there. I was wanting Chinese but Hubby is tired of eating it a couple times a week. I think I must have been Chinese in my prior life. =)

After the yummy KFC, we were off to Wally World for some groceries and supplies. I am loving my reusable bags, even though the cashier made it plain that she doesn't like them. If you haven't started using them, you should. They are so much easier to carry and you have less trips because they hold more.

After Wally World, we went to Menards for some flowers. I got some red and blue (purple) wave petunias for my hanging baskets and then some red, white and blue (purple) regular petunias for my pots on the porch. I hope they all turn out pretty. I also bought some of the soil that holds moisture for my pots so hopefully they do better this year.

You know, I sure do run a lot on my days off. No wonder I am so tired when Monday comes.

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  1. Good Morning, Happy Monday Morning!!! How did it get here so fast..
    Ok.. First breakfast sounded Yummy! So did lunch.. wow KFC I am shocked. I also was partially Chinese in another life, The other half.. hello Mexican.. Just give me chinese and mexican food I will be happy.. Ok occassionally throw some spaghetti at me.
    My Train Table will be staying here.. I can't wait for the boys to get here.
    My Rocking Chair will be coming home. My porch looks lopsided without it.
    I hope you covered those flowers or brought them inside last night..FREEZING!!!
    You and I won an award for our blogs I will need your help. I don't know how to put the link to peoples blogs in my post but only have thier names show up. I tried. I am so computer illiterate. Honestly how do peeps know how to do all of that.
    Talk at you later...


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