Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He bumped his head?

My Hubby took our Shadow dog to the vet this afternoon because under his right eye is swelled and red. And when we were camping this past weekend he just wanted to stay in an air-conditioned camper, with the door open so he can see outside. Hubby said that when the big ole klutz got into the truck he thought he hit his head on Hubby's Sirius radio head-unit. I certainly wouldn't have thought that would bother him.

I thought that maybe something was going on with his diabetes so I was a bit worried so I called the Vet this morning and made an appointment. So I sent him and Hubby to his appointment, and the Vet said that "He bumped his head!" What, he bumped his head? I sent the dog to the V
et because he bumped his head. Good Lord what's next, I send him to the Vet because he stubbed his toe? Am I getting too protective of him or what?


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